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This week’s lectures focused on nano technology and science. Jim Gimzewski guest lectured for us this week and I believe that these lectures are some of the most detailed and informative that we have received all quarter. Nano is the greek word for dwarf and nano technology itself is science that is conducted on the nanoscale. The nanoscale is 1 to 100 nanometers. We credit Richard Feynman with discovering nanometers although at the time of his discovery he did not call them nanometers. His book “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” detailed about how one day scientists would be able to manipulate objects on an atomic level, meaning atom by atom. He delivered a lecture titled “Maneuvering Things Atom by Atom” which defined the basic idea of nanotechnology of moving things on an atomic level.
Although Feynman proposed nanotechnology in the 1950s it was not until the 1980s it was put on the map. During this time a new form of carbon was discovered and the ability to see atoms in real space and manipulate them was conceived. The buckyball, which contains carbon atoms arranged in hexagons and pentagons, was the new form that was discovered. The creation of the scanning tunneling microscope granted the ability to feel the surface of the sample it was examining. These two events were significant in furthering nanotechnology. 

Today there is a huge market for nano products. There are about 1000 products on the market with nanotechnology. A wide array of products have nanotechnology: hotdogs, sunscreen, food and agriculture products. L’Oreal is a huge corporation that uses nanotechnology in many of its products. There is a serious debate on the health and safety of nanotechnology. Scientists are working a pesticide that does not interact with food and only attracts and kills bugs and nano edible wrappers that would reduce waste. These are examples of two positive affects of nanotechnology. This type of technology does not come without dangers. There is a product on the market called Chocolate Slim Shake that is low calorie because it contains nano particles. These particles are silicon coated in chocolate. You think that you are having a chocolate shake but you are essentially intaking silicon. Nano technology is a great discovery but like many other discoveries it does not come without its own set of dangers

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