Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 8 Blog

Week 8 Blog

This week’s lectures focused on space and how it relates to everything we have learned in class thus far. It was cool to see how space is the place where math, art, science come together. Space technology and even knowledge of the vast mystery of space has grown immensely throughout time. All of the planets are named after different Ancient Roman gods which is very interesting. 
The ground braking discovery that Nicolaus Copernicus made about the earth revolving around the sun and not the other way around was highly influential for the time. His mathematical calculations for this system set precedent for many other discoveries that would be made later. During the time Copernicus lived science was dominated by the church and his ideas were considered unlawful because they didn’t support the faith. 
He had to wait to publish his discoveries because he feared persecution. It is interesting to 
learn about this struggle that he endured in particular because back then science and faith were strongly connect but today they are not. In fact many people consider them to not go together at all. Had Copernicus made his discoveries today he probably wouldn’t have had to worry about persecution from the church.

When I think of outer space my first thought is of Star Wars. For me this film series is a great embodiment of the fusion between art and science. What better way to meld these two branches together than by creating a wonderful space opera film series? The films include robots, space ships, carefully written scripts and beautifully shot scenes.

Many people that aren’t fans of the science fiction genre still love these movies and they are a fun way for people to broaden their horizons into the fictional galaxies that are far, far away. Star Wars has inspired many people to go into professions of math, science, astronomy, film and art and I think that that is what is so great about the series. It is appealing to all different types of people no matter the interests and provokes deep thought about a wide variety of topics including the bonds of family, humanity, and ethics. May the force be with you. 

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