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Week 6 Blog

Week 6 Blog

This week’s lectures and readings focus on biotechnology and art. This has been a very controversial area and relates to GMO in food, experimenting with animals and artists working in laboratories with live cells. There are a wide range of topics that could be considered under the branch of biotechnology and art and what that comes to mind for me immediately is IVF.

        For those of you who don’t know, IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. IVF is the scientific process by which a baby is formed outside of the mother’s womb. The phrase “in vitro” means “in glass” which refers to how a female egg is fertilized by a male sperm in a glass test tube. I went to a Catholic high school where an ethics class was mandatory for all students and one of the topics that was discussed in depth was IVF. With IVF technology parents can essentially pick the sex of their child and what physical traits they want them to have. This is a very interesting because IVF makes having a child a more personalized experience. You pick what you want, the doctors construct an egg that has those characteristics and then after the egg is fertilized it is placed in the mother’s uterus.,18321

        In vitro fertilization has helped many families conceive children that otherwise would not have been able to do so. IVF benefits many but it also has a cost. Only one fertilized egg is placed in the mother’s uterus while many other embryos are not an eventually perish. This has caused a heated debate in the medical community of whether or not IVF is ethical. To me IVF is a great example of biotechnology and art and how controversial it is. There are many benefits of IVF but those benefits do not come without a high cost. 

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