Monday, June 6, 2016

Event 4

Event 4

Poster for the event on the door leading inside.

        This week I went to the CNSI Presentation Room for the Art & Brain and MORPHO catalogue launch. This event was much more intimate than past ones I had been to for this class. The room was a little small and there were about 40 people in total which included Professor Vesna herself, other DESMA 9 students, and the artists, and scientists involved in the project. I actually had a chance to chat with Professor Vesna for a little before the introduction started and it was nice to finally meet the woman who I have been watching on video for the entire quarter! 

Me holding a sample copy of the book.

Professor Vesna providing an introduction for each the authors who collaborated for the book.

What is cool about the book that the event revolved around is that it is a complete collaboration of art and science. Artists and scientists joined forces in order to create this book and you could tell that it was a complete labor of love on all ends. There was even a first edition copy of the book that was put together by hand. Each person who had a part in the publishing of the book said a few words. One of the men who spoke was a neuro scientist who had been collaborating with artists for many years. He talked about how working with artists was an eye opening experience for him with what he could do in science. Art is a vehicle to communicate how science affects people and it is a good metaphor for a new way of thinking. He told us of how the federal budget for science keeps shrinking and how working with art could help find a new approach of science to make it more appealing and more understandable to people. I thought that this was a great perspective to think of art and science and how both branches can benefit from each other. To me the creation of this book is a great example of what amazing things science and art can do when they work together. 

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